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To Centralize Or Not To Centralize [analytics], That Is The Question

The structure of analytics in large organizations can take many forms—from having a gazillion analytics micro-teams embedded in each function or BU, to completely centralized analytics at the corporate level. What is the right strategy? What should your organization do? … Continue reading

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Originally posted on 1 Click Analytics:
So here is an article recently published by where they relate things websites should do to improve Conversion Rates. 1 Click Analytics, as a company that is dedicated to the practice of conversion…

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5 BE Principles All Marketers Must Understand

 As discussed in my previous posts, understanding the consumer psyche and the irrationality of the human decision-making process is key to developing winning value propositions or product features to test in the market. Here is a discussion of 5 Key Bhavioral Economics (BE) principles (among … Continue reading

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Can Your SSN Determine How Much You Pay For A Commodity?

What a preposterous idea! Or is it? Consider the following experiment. The audience in one of my talks recently was asked to pretend they are bidding on a product (the projector being used for my presentation). But the process of bidding … Continue reading

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A Test Is Only As Good As The Hypothesis It Tests

Test-and-Learn is the new mantra in the tech world.  Be it new product features, new policy ideas, marketing messaging, or email content, test-and-learn is gaining steam, graduating from simple A/B tests to complex multi-variate tests. However, when it comes to fundamentally understanding … Continue reading

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